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Taster Sessions

Pole Dance Diva will be holding privately booked taster sessions at one of our venues from now on - minimum of 6 people required. Please phone 07921 371029 for further information.
Price: £15 per person

4 week intensive courses (1 hour per week)

Pole Dance Diva offer 4 week courses in pole dancing, we offer a variety of levels and courses. Each class will start with a warm up session. Once we are warmed up we will advance to the pole where you will learn pole moves, tricks, spins and floor to pole transitions. These are taught in a fun, friendly and encouragingly supportive environment and end with a cool down session. We have all been beginners at some stage!
Price: £110


Coming soon

1 person for 1 hour @ £40

2 people for 1 hour @ £35 each


One-to-one 1-hour sessions available.

£40 per hour for 1 person, or 2 people for £70 total.



Contact us for more details or make payment here.




Beginners Basic Level 1

This course teaches you all the essential basics of sensual movement and the basic pole moves including, spins and floor to pole transition. This is done through learning simple moves that can be linked together to form routines. Amaze yourself with what you have achieved at the end of the course you - it will become highly addictive!
Premier Express Course Also Available

Level 2

This course is for those who have completed and passed our Level 1 course - as I said pole dancing can be addictive! Our level 2 course enhances the moves learned at beginner level with the added enjoyment of learning a few more advance spins and movement. We also add a little more of “YOU” and a little less inhibition using the strength and experience that you have previously built up.
Premier Express Course also Available.

Level 3

In this course learn more daring moves. Dance and enhance the “DIVA IN YOU”. At this level we encourage individual styles and creativity as we perfect your pole routine.



Benefits of pole dancing

Pole dancing tones the body and strips fat. It is a fabulous cardiovascular workout and allows you to use your body in a sensual confident way.

Pole Dance Diva classes improve strength, tone, cardiovascular fitness, posture and self confidence, whilst having so much fun you don’t even realise that you have had such a great workout!

Give pole fitness classes a try - I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.

We offer pole dancing fitness classes at different levels and our classes are taught in a studio environment. There is no nudity in our pole classes - the only things you need to remove are your inhibitions! Classes are suitable for 18 - 64 year olds.

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What to wear

Please bring gym clothes, including trainers, to complete the warm up session. Make sure your clothes are comfortable so you are able to move and stretch in them.

For the pole dancing, shorts and a t-shirt to change into are fine as bare legs and arms are needed to grip the pole.

For pole dancing we recommend that those taking level 1 and 2 courses, or taster classes, have bare feet as you are learning.

Absolutely no oils or moisturisers should be applied on the day of the class for your own safety. Bring a bottle of water or your favourite soft drink with you in case you get thirsty.


Class etiquette

Please arrive on time for classes, or at least 5 minutes before the start of your class.

If you are more than 5 minutes late you maybe refused entry due to not participating in the warm up. The warm up helps to avoid injury (health and safety).

Please do not wear oils or body lotions on the day of the class as you will not be able to grip the pole properly (health and safety).

Please listen when the instructor is talking/demonstrating as they will be sharing information that is important for you to know regarding your safety and enjoyment.

Please do not wear jewellery.

Finally, please enjoy yourself!


Terms and Conditions
All payments received by Pole Dance Diva are non-refundable and non-transferable on all the services we provide - that includes missed classes. Pole Dance Diva reserve the right to make changes and cancellations. You will be notified in advance as soon as possible.